Lucid Dream Tape viii) Erevan DJ’s Dawn of The Third Day

Erevan DJ joins the Lucid Dreamers with his “Dawn of the Third Day” mix, one of these hectic dreams and endless psychedelic wanderings the mind can make when semi-sleeping. A chimerical representation of the fascinating trips into wild nature with here and there a few traces of the apocalyptic tale of Majora’s Mask.

The podcast series, run by our friends from People and Places, definitely shares the psychedelic and trippy vibe of the Bamboo ShowsWe can only recommend you to listen to all the mixes, including awesome contributions from Komodo Kolektif, Chlorys, StaKhan or Vector Trancer.




Listen back to HENRY’s Bamboo Shows (aka Lewis and James from People and Places). Aquatic new age, 90’s ambient 90’s, progressive house & early trance.