Bamboo Shows 045 – Ella Blou (Transient Landscapes)

Ella Blou is a British designer and DJ based in Paris. Her practice draws from her love of blue, distance and internationalism as these themes consistently inform her visual and musical work. Whilst working as a graphic designer with a background in fashion, she is also a regular host on Skylab Radio where her show, “Transient Landscapes” aims to collage and curate diverse musical routes.
Her Bamboo Shows sounds like a return to the roots of our podcast series, with a beautiful and lyrical balearic vibe in it.
Skipping from dusty glitch jazz to hopeful broken beat, blue sky breaks sinking into dark murky dub. This mix is kind of like a hill in its structure but also in that there might be a nice view at the top. Including productions from Mekong Zoo, Pelada, Schmil Blick, D.K. or Mister Water Wet.





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