Bamboo Shows 044 – Amateur Exotic

44th Bamboo Shows with Amateur Exotic, a multicultural project and mixtales series. Piloted from Russia by Dima Rabik a.k.a. Amid Kibar and Baster Jazzster a.k.a. Amateur Exorcist, the project furrows the waters of the universal musical ocean in search of unusual sources for alternative sounds. The series focuses on immersing the listener into a special state and bringing him beyond the usual patterns of being.

The two friends are guided by the willingness to appreciate, relax and enjoy any process of life in an altruistic way. By giving access to various mystical music libraries via each mixtale, they aim to depict how each of their guests perceive the world that surrounds us.

Through this 2-hour mix including more than 60 tracks, Dima Rabik tells us a dreamlike story filled with balearic vibes. Between new age, fourth-world, spoken words, trancey downtempo, psychedelic ambient and strong tribal rhythms. Make sure to read his tale and check his awesome works as a visual artist below.




CHAPTER I: KOGI CREATION STORY (00:00:00 – 00:23:45)

Once upon a time there was only a comprehensive darkness, which, due to its ever-changing nature, began to materialize various objects, which previously pulsed in its unmanifest aspect…Endless galaxies with a great many emanations, gradually filled with the radiance of life acquired forms, received and broadcast their individual experience…Each creature, in its introspection, sang Ananda mantra and being inextricable with the force that manifested them, after the completion of their life cycles, they returned back to the womb of potentiality…

CHAPTER II: WHAT YOU GONNA DO? (00:23:45 – 00:48:30)

What yo gonna do, when new experience breaks certain stereotypes of actions? Image of the world becoming shaky…As if having lost balance, previously unexpressed states
falling from a higher sphere by a waterfall and awaken a creature that is dozing inside…

CHAPTER III: MOON GAZING (00:48:30 – 01:14:40)

Full moon impacting on water creates unique patterns in its structure and directs its silver threads to the Earth…In space there is a surge of creative energy, causing deep feelings which cleanse and release the mental bodies of living organisms so that they can manifest their ideas into reality…


Listen, did you ever get the idea to live in a room that is a forest? So, you just imagine how it could be interesting! The abundance of sounds, clean air and no need to listen to field recordings of the Amazon rainforests, gentle grass, dew in the morning…Incredible is’t it?

CHAPTER V: CARBON KARMA (01:33:00 – 02:02:02)

Cause and effect law, carefully watching with his eye for every minute movement of living beings in all worlds and dimensions, realizing all possible consequences committed by action, increasing vibration, directs them to freedom…


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