BSLP002 - April 8, 2021

Perse - Exile in H

We are happy to start 2021 with the 6-track Debut-EP from Italian duo Perse, formed by Marco Milanesio (DsorDNE9cento9) & Emiliana Voltarel (Braconidae).

‘Exile in H’ is a great gathering of spoken poetry, illbient, electronic experimentations and field recordings. Its dark, heavy industrial / noise atmospheres occasionally reach liberating climax, moving the listener away from the initially induced torpor through explosive drumlines.

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BSLP001 - December 10, 2020

Jonquera - DARKOS LP

With “Darkos LP”, Lyon-talent Jonquera offers us an incredible 45-minute 14-track album thanks to its captivating atmosphere and an impeccable technique.

Produced in one week only, the project between medieval dark-ambient, HD sound-design and esoteric illbient takes inspiration from Noise Music and Doom to introduce alternately a gloomy, epic or spiritual atmosphere.

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BST002 - July 9, 2020

V.A. - Bamboo Shows Tapes 002

6 months after releasing the first chapter of our compilation series, we invited once again a fine selection of fellow artists to contribute to one of our cassettes.
Say bye to the exotic and ecstatic atmosphere of the BST001 and discover a more introspective and darker curation including between others Lamusa II, Golden Ivy, Jonquera, Vagues Imaginaires, HLM38, Bear Bones Lay Low, Vector Trancer or Komodo Kolektif.

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BST001 - December 12, 2019

V.A. - Bamboo Shows Tapes 001

Through the first release of the label, we gathered talented friends from Lyon as well as worldwide producers to spread the exotic and sophrologic side of the Bamboo spirit with 15 exclusive tracks. Featuring renowned RAMZiNiklas WandtStar SearchersDJ Ungel & DJ Rasputin and local heroes Eiger Drums Propaganda, Christian Coiffure, Jacques Satre or Lastrack.

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