Bamboo Shows 043 – Alex From Galax (Disobedient Bodies)

Cologne-based DJ Alex from Galax has a delicate understanding of music that ranges from pitched-down trance gems to melodic pop songs from another age. He explores the most sensitive side of his sonic understanding through the Disobedient Bodies radio show, in combination with his regular evenings at Cologne’s Acephale and occasional visits to the newly reopened Salon des Amateurs. Since 2018, he also runs the label Der Kongresswhich second tape by Viktor R. Gruen will be released on March.

Alex shows us a great sensitiveness through his beautiful Bamboo Shows with plenty of melancholic tracks. From 90s ambient to psychedelic pop or exotic neofolk. Including Hamuli Plene, Sarah Davachi, John T. Gast, Beaumont Hannant and X.Y.R.‘s contribution to our first compilation.




Alex From Galax: SoundCloudFacebook / Instagram

Der Kongress: SoundCloud / “Viktor R. Gruen – Demos M.001”

Disobedient Bodies: Facebook