Bamboo Shows 077 – Tonito Yama

BS 077 - Tonito Yama

Recently featured on Nose Job with his ‘Synthetic Nature’ debut-album, Brussels’ own Tonito Yama (aka Antoine 80) joins today our guestmix series in style. Born out of the desire to loose track between synthetic and natural, real and virtual, analog and digital, the tape is obviously inspired by the mid-90s’ documentary ‘Synthetic Pleasures’, which explored the twists and turns of the revolutionary-then digital world.

Deep pulses, dripping trip-hop, cutting-edge psybient, alienating dub codes raining on cathode-ray tube screens… The TodoRecto label co-honcho recorded for us a two-hour podcast filled with his influences, the documentary’s BO, a couple tracks from his LP and tribute to 90s’bient lords such as Biosphere, FSOL, Meat Beat Manifesto… Don’t be in a hurry, take a huge breath and lay back for a smooth listening, chillax to the max.




Tonito Yama: SoundCloudInstagram‘Synthetic Nature’ LP on Nose Job (Bandcamp)

TodoRecto : Instagram – SoundCloud