Bamboo Shows 076 – metra.vestlud

BS076 - metra.vestlud

While we’re looking to the near future and ‘Charly Markarian – Jeunesse ne passe pas’ publication, we’re keeping an eye on the past. Inviting today on Bamboo Shows guestmix series dear metra.vestlud, who released last year on our label the magnificent ‘Coalyqsta’ cassette album. The Russian artist, through his ‘Kundalini Shaktipata’ mix, gathered 1 hour and 45 minutes of spiritual fourth-world, meditative drone, avant-garde jazz, neoclassical acts and blissful new-age… all explanations below:

“This mix is a ritual instrument aimed at awakening the hidden divine force – Kundalini – within a person.

There are two approaches to awakening Kundalini: active and passive.
The active approach includes yoga practices, meditation, and special breathing techniques.
The passive approach is when you need to surrender and let go of all obstacles on the path to awakening.
The key in the passive approach is Shaktipat. Shaktipat is a message, phrase, or word. In this case, this mix is a transmission of knowledge from higher consciousness.

Shaktipat only temporarily raises Kundalini but provides an experience that can be used as a foundation for further development.

PS: If you don’t feel well or you feel like something has ignited inside you after listening to this mix, don’t miss the opportunity and seek out a healer or chakra specialist.
But not in any case to a hospital or something like that.”




metra.vestlud: SoundCloudInstagram

Coalyqsta LP: BandcampSoundCloud