Bamboo Shows 072 – StaKhan

BS072 - Stakhan


At last! You’re finally escaping from this awful nightmare. Yes, Remember! You couldn’t find sleep yesterday night, so you took another heavy dose of tranquilizers. Then, you started meandering in your tiny flat before it all turned into an overwhelming world, full of hypnotizing forms and subliminal encounters.
Was it really a nightmare actually? Reality and fantaisies became one for sure, but think again, what flashed up before your eyes, wasn’t it actually the understanding of a greater, wider existence? Most probably, you simply opened the doors of perception. Now, you may realize where we all come from. Did you know that the nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made of collapsing stars?

Dear old shaman StaKhan from Lyon-hometown finally joins our guestmix series with one of his special vortexes. An anomaly it took so long, as we made a couple parties together with his mind-eating Tunnel Vision label, had several B2B for our Utopia nights… In keeping with his Planète Noire show on LYL Radio, Stakhan offers today two trippy hours of eerie slow trance, tribal fractals and psy-fi choo-choo.






StaKhan: SoundCloudInstagramFacebook – Planète Noire on LYL Radio

Tunnel Vision: Facebook – Bandcamp