Bamboo Shows 073 – Brahim Lumière


If you had to guess, when the time comes for your last slumber, where do you think you’ll wake up? Up above, along with the sun, finally relieved from a life of abstinence? Or down there, right at the center of the earth, as you gave in to temptation? But life isn’t so much black and white, is it? In-between this binary conclusion, It’s more than likely that we all walk another path, the one for the tormented souls who couldn’t make up for their failures and mistakes. A haunted desert where we would form a never-ending procession, our heads crimsoned by the heaven’s eye looking down on us, while our feet come out in blisters from the fire and brimstone. Flames everywhere, burning everything. Flesh, bones, dreams, hope, altogether forming ash coated dunes. Look better, you might catch sight of a mirage there, probably the persistent nostalgia.

DJ, Producer and Ghost Dance label owner, Aléatronome co-founder, Le Marais member, so many hats for our dear friend from Saint-Etienne Brahim Lumière. A great human being we are happy to invite today, for another mystical soundscape: jasmine dreams, encapsulating trance rituals, tribal percussions and spooky vaporwave incantations…




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