“Charly Markarian – Jeunesse ne passe pas”, by Christophe & Loïs Markarian
(Biography and photo-book, out on 21 september 2023)


Reffering to an unknown-from-the-public track (because it has never been published), “Jeunesse ne passe pas” is the title of this book dedicated to the musical career of Charly Markarian, an unsung yet outstanding guitarist who left his mark on the Lyon and French rock scene in the 80s and 90s.

And why? Because it sums up the personality of this imposing, dark-eyed giant who suddenly died on 28 March 2022. A secretive man with an excessive sense of humility and modesty, but a true leader in the studio and on stage, capable of transcending the audience and his partners with a single riff or a dazzling solo. A genuine and endearing artist, whose talent and humanity have left an indelible mark on all those who have met him.

Pioneer of French psychobilly with The Dazzlers, on the verge of a professional career with Snappin’ Boys, lover of rockab’ with Bopkats or Los Mescaleros, providing a wilder sound with Work’N’ Peanuts or even downright psychotic with The Mediums, producer for numerous bands from Lyon… Many labels of no importance to the Vienne-born guitarist, who has been guided solely by his visceral desire to play and compose throughout his 45-year career.

In this 60-page book, to be published jointly on 21 September 2023 on Bamboo Shows and Dangerhouse Skylab labels, his brother Christophe and eldest son Loïs retrace the musician’s career through a wealth of photographs, personal accounts, anecdotes and press articles. An incarnation of pure rock’n’roll – far from showbiz’s smoke and mirrors  – the kind that one day takes possession of your soul and never leaves.

See you on Thursday 21 September at 6pm at Dangerhouse Recordstore (3 Rue Thimonnier, 69001 Lyon) for the official publication of the book and a meeting with the authors!

Alongside the book, the vinyl album “40 Years of Savage Rock’n’Roll” was released at the beginning of July on the Russian label Just Another Normal Guy Records, a compilation of previously unreleased material and studio demos by Viennese band The Dazzlers, made up of Patrick Raynaud, Norbert Raynaud, Pierre Laffont and Charly Markarian. A tribute to the last two nominees, who respectively died in 2019 and 2022.



60 pages A4 book, color printing, including A4 flyer.
Cat. number: BSM001 (Bamboo Shows) / DSL088 (Dangerhouse Skylab)
Date of publication: 21 september 2023
Price : 10 €
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