BST001 – Various – Bamboo Shows Tapes 001 – Dec. 12, 2019

After two years of parties and 40 guest mixes to promote audio sophrology, 90’s reminiscences, psychedelic atmospheres and exotic breaks, the Bamboo Shows are now taking a step forward.

Through the first release of the label, head-honcho Erevan DJ gathered talented friends from his Lyon hometown as well as worldwide producers to spread the Bamboo Spirit with 15 exclusive tracks. Featuring renowned RAMZi, Niklas WandtStar SearchersSpencer Clark and Candomblé’s DJ Ungel & DJ Rasputin and local heroes Eiger Drums Propaganda, Christian Coiffure, Jacques Satre or Lastrack.


Divided in two parts, the “Bamboo Shows Tapes 001” blends everything from modern productions to late 20th century inspirations, going around soothing new age, poetic fourth-world music and psychedelic folk on A-Side, while B-Side focuses on more rhythmical materials with slightly-acid transcendental breaks and mystical downtempo.




BST001 Reissue

Concurrently with the BST002 release of 150 cassettes, the label reissued on July 9, 2020 50 copies of the BST001.

Bamboo Shows Tapes 001 Reissue