Bamboo Shows 050 – Minou Oram

After inviting Minou Oram to our first Point Of View party(co-organized with Spiral Dance dudes) in Lyon during summer 2019, we definitely wanted to get The FEMDEX founder and SVVENIR Radio Show Host on LYL to join the series, and this is now a done deal!

Her Bamboo Show is another delightful evidence of her capacity to blend music over many decades and styles between meditative serenity and dazing temper in quest of evoking catharsis through sound. An eclectic, moody mélange of halting beats and percussions, ethereal chants and rants, sublayered trance and emotive dance music – from feelings of tranquility through to the lust to unwind.




Minou Oram: SoundCloud / Facebook / Instagram / BandcampSVVENIR on LYLFEMDEX