Bamboo Shows 051 – James Vella (Phantom Limb)

As we’ve been following Phantom Limb and enjoying their different releases for quite some time now, we definitely wanted to invite them to our podcast series. The Brighton-based music company (they’re also doing distribution, music publishing and tour booking) run by James Vella, Ken Li, George Clift and Andy Halliday has been publishing music from WaqWaq Kingdom, Miguel Noya, and Humbros among others, and we loved them so much that you can find a few tracks from these releases on our YouTube Channel.

Concerning the mix, James Vella delivers us a sweet selection between current favorites and lifetime loves. 90 minutes of dreamy new age, minimalist classical and leftfield fourth-world. Including some exciting new musicians releasing their debut works alongside some older pieces from experienced artists, a varied galaxy of stars that orbit the experimental music black hole. The mix is also an attempt to keep the geography broad: Thai musician Kantee Anantagant sits alongside a historical documentation of early Soviet electronic music; Kenya is represented by KMRU, while Malta’s contribution comes with Renzo Spiteri‘s percussive music, recorded on location in ancient catacombs.




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