Bamboo Shows 040 – Lucia Kagramanyan – 15.01.20

After a short break because of first Bamboo Shows tape release, our podcast series is starting again with Russian Lucia Kagramanyan. An Armenian native born in Moscow but who has lived in Vienna for the past couple of years where she originated as a DJ, and is now settled in Netherland. She loves to infuse tunes from her homeland into a vibe unity of obscure and obvious and all that rhymes together. She recently started working to bring out the diversity of Armenian music in her sets, one of which is “Panorama Yeravan” show on NTS.

Through her Bamboo Show, Lucia mind-blowingly mixes spoken-words experimentations to new age, minimalist, ambient, jazz, pop and instrumental music. This could either bring the listener to develop dementia or cure from it. A non-linear selecta to stimulate various state of minds between melancholia, ecstasy, hypnosis or appeasement. Including tracks from International Noise Orchestra, John Tchicai, Hans Reichel, Robert Ashley, rRoxymore





Lucia Kagramanyan : SoundCloud / Instagram