Listen to Erevan DJ‘s contribution to the Amateur Exotic series with his “River of the Mind” mix. One peaceful hour of dreamy new age, exotic melodies & minimalist ambient to let your thoughts drift away.
With tracks from Sea Urchin, SUGAI KEN, Carmen Villain, Misha Sultan, Golden Ivy, Peter Buffet, Shadowfax & more.



Presentation text by Dima Rabik:
Among high mountains, peaks of which permeate all tiers of the universe falls a river, which originates from an unknown source…Many seekers sashayed in search of this source and no one returned same…Someones, following the call of their ego, constructed mythical stories to hide their own as it seemed to them failure and someones says thanksgiving to various kinds of insights that appears in the searching process and after, everything losing all importance…

On a wonderful boat, created from all world secrets, an invisible wanderer with power of his intention, overtaking time, paves the path…The course feels like an impulse of the neural network of the brain…Periodically closing his eyes and checking compass-intuition, connected with signs of heavenly bodies, gently avoiding all seeming obstacles-thresholds and sharp hiding under the water daggers-stones…Clearing path from all illusions, directing pure thoughts, the wanderer creates his own experience…
His breathing gives rise to music of harmony, mesmerizing and pacifying instinctive, animal principles and gives freedom, flight of fantasy, balancing all opposites…

Rising higher and higher, leaving stars behind, he understands that the movement of all processes has changed…No more need for effort, to be in search of anything, ask questions and languish awaiting an answer…In the end everything in exists simultaneously, in this unlimited ocean of space, in which all existing rivers find their shelter and become the new chapter of Amateur Exotic mixtales!”

Artwork: Steven Vincent Johnson