Bamboo Shows 041 – Entten (Nits de la Tramuntana) – 29.01.20

First Spanish dude on our podcast series with Entten, a producer, visual art & cultural manager from Mallorca. Entten’s sounds drift along a bright and warm repetitive atmosphere. His endless pads of fluid, delicate melodies show a marked influence of the aesthetics of the sun, light and mysticism of the Island.
Alongside Defled, he is co-curator of the “Nits de la Tramuntana” radio show on Radio Relativa and Dublab Barcelona. They focus every month on research and selection of sound materials from the Mediterranean and beyond.

For his podcast, Entten decided to create a calm and soothing atmosphere as an answer to the several riots and assault that occured in the streets of Barcelona and Catalonia since October 2019, due to controversial political issues between the Spanish state and a certain number of Catalan citizens. A way as protest against the disruptive behaviors of some protesters and the aggression exercised by the police during the demonstrations. This delightful mix features ambient, new age, lyrical, minimalist and instrumental productions from Suso Saiz, Deux Filles, Ultramarine, Prins Emanuel or Andrew Pekler.




Entten: SoundCloud / Instagram

Nits de la Tramuntana: SoundCloud / Instagram