Bamboo Shows 071 – Salamanda


Collectedly on its way to its fifth anniversary, the Bamboo Shows guestmix series changes design today!
As we started writing short stories along with the mixes, we felt that it had also become necessary to illustrate them and free ourselves from the awesome artworks Johann Bonnefoy made for us back in 2019.

So, here we start with our 71st guestmix and Seoul-based Salamanda, composed of Uman Therma (Sala) & Yetsuby (Manda). Pretty well known from the leftfield ambient scene thanks to various self-releases and appearances on Good Morning Tapes, Sounds of Ogigia, Public Possession, the Korean-duo also contributed to our Vapordub compilation earlier this year with the wondrous and aptly named ‘Bubble Bamboo Princess’. 

Through this peaceful ballad in the whimsical land of Quitonia, Salamanda delivers the message that every sound has beauty. Whether ancient or newly published, traditional or uncanny, epic or calm. A blissful quest delving into neo-classical acts, spiritual ambient, otherworldly new-age and psychedelia. Keep your senses alert all through the ride, for there is so much to feel, hear and see.




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