Bamboo Shows 070 – BABAU

Howdy?! We are now reaching the 70th guestmix of our series with BABAU. Composed of Luigi Monteanni and Matteo Pennesi, the Italian duo has been producing uncanny music for many years, but also publishing some of the quirkiest through their inspiring ArteTetra Records label, or promoting it thanks to many collaboration with Kiosk Radio, NTS, The Wire, Sun Araw, Senyawa, C2C Festival, Fusion, Saturnalia, Outernational Days

Recently featured on our Vapordub compilation via their mind-blowing, Jon-hassellish ‘Singe’s Riddles (Sunnityland Explorations in Padova)’ the Milanese dudes contributes today with an hour of Carnivalesque leftfield music: weird noise from the funny side, fifth-world and those beyond, not-so-traditional detuned folk, exotic chirps, beeps and blips. Only one intention: bringing together minor weirdelia projects and bands from the globe.
What if the noisy neighbors were the only neighbors you had? And what if they were waiting ’til dusk before bringing out their feathers and masks and torches and unsettling paraphernalia into parade? We don’t know, you tell us, but after you cross that threshold, we don’t really know where all might go.




BABAU: SoundCloud – Facebook – ‘Stock Fantasy Zone’ LP on Discrepant

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