Bamboo Shows 075 – Marguerite


Please welcome dear Marguerite, providing here on Bamboo Shows a remedy to your rude morning routine. Follow her delicate whisperings to finally escape from the bad dream you were having, waking up all shivering and sweaty in your sheets. Avoid falling again in the void, head to the kitchen and top up the pot with some of this black gold. Hot fuel for the mind, already breaking in just by the redeeming smell of it. From the pot to the mug, bring the cup to your mouth and the holly java shall boil off the remaining haze in your brain.

Now, you can eventually open the curtains and let the sunshine in, thus bringing light on the Parisian little flower’s sweet selecta of dronesque ambient, folkloric laments, hypnotic dubs and bright trip-hop. Good mornin’!




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