Bamboo Shows 078 – mara zuli


Are you feeling adventurous today? If so, why not take a leap into the unknown and listen to Basel-own mara zuli testimony of the elements unleashed? The TRNSTN Radio resident and Menthe Poivrée collective co-founder went to the center of the earth and returned, bringing back runestones laden down with the sounds of whispering wind, crackling fire, lapping water and trembling earth. Ominous, uncontrollable forces that could sweep away everything on their way, but any dark night vanishes at the first daylight.

Amongst stormy experimental acts, tribal beats rooting to the core, balearic breeze or bubbly trance-ambient, also echoes the clang of industrial chimeras. Featuring Lyra Pramuk & Eris Drew, Sabla, Boy Harsher, Lara Sarkissian, Marco Shuttle and many more.





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