Bamboo Shows 056 – Anthony Junkoid

Hail from Kyiv, Ukraine with Anthony Junkoid (Антон Шмаргович), host of the ‘Unaussprechlichen Kulten’ show on Kiev 20ft Radio, dedicated to the other side of the music ark: weird, obscure & rare tunes.

For his ‘Rites of Wisdom’ guestmix, Anthony prepared an exclusive gathering of Russian and Ukrainian compositions from the 80s to 2000s. Here you can find radiant new age chants and mesmerizing post-rock ambience, fragile avant-folk passages and healing acoustic string overtones. The result is a soft, pleasant hour with here and there a few hallucinated parts, to keep your mind awake.




Anthony Junkoid: SoundCloud – Instagram – MixcloudUnaussprechlichen Kulten on 20ft Radio