Bamboo Shows 053 – Samer

After a short hiatus of our guestmix series because of our “DARKOS LP” announcement and release, we are happy to launch it back with Bucharest’s Samer. Although not a gemini, his selections are usually two sides of the same coin. Sometimes sad, sometimes mad. Sound-wise, he loves to delve the high pitched, almost childish tunes, the deep and mellow drama or anything in between.

In his Bamboo Shows, Samer evokes Big Soap Opera Energy, except the action takes place in a swamp. This is where croaking and shrieking sounds get mixed up with the actors’ prayers of lament – full of pathos, indeed, but in the etymological sense. The drama is exacerbated by repetitive but alluring (!) waves forming in the middle of the bog, and the tremor of the evermore bodies scattered throughout the wetland. Including productions from Awaké & Amanitalinda, kIRk, Misha Sultan, Mood Exhibit, Zaliva-D, Monibi…




Samer: SoundCloud