Bamboo Shows 047 – Komodo Kolektif (Invisible, Inc.)

After a few months break to leave room for ‘Bamboo Shows Tapes 002’ release, we’re so pleased to finally start again our Podcast Series. We’re even happier that it’s with a project we love very much and that appeared on our second compilation: Komodo Kolektif is a loose collective of multi-instrumentalists based in Glasgow, Scotland led by Gordon Mackinnon and Graeme Miller. The duo are assisted in the studio by Paul Johnston and often feature the talents of Jon Keliehor. The name Komodo Kolektif is a reference to the native homeland of the Indonesian gamelan instruments featured throughout their compositions and which give the group their unique sound. The instruments used (saron, gender, kempul, gong) belong to local gamelan ensemble Gamelan Naga Mas of which some of the musicians have been full-time members for around a decade. Combined with an arsenal of vintage synthesizers, FX-laden guitar and traditional hand percussion the resulting concoction is a magical, mystical brew indeed.

The mix, made by Gordon aka GK Machine, is part of a wider project, including the ‘The Reptile’ track featured on the BST002 (that you can listen in the podcast by the way), but also a live act in Lyon that should have happened in April 2020 and unfortunately postponed because of the pandemic. The Invisible, Inc head-honcho decided to blend Komodo Kolektif and Bamboo Shows aesthetic to create a downtempo, atmospheric and meditative direction, to explore traditional rhythms, ambient ‘trance’ and modern production techniques. Including personal field recordings taken in Bali, such as herons coming to roost, crickets in rice paddies, random gong and drum hits taken at practice at the local ‘balé’.




Komodo Kolektif: SoundCloud / Bandcamp / ‘The Reptile’ track on BST002 

Invisible, Inc.: SoundCloud / Facebook / Bandcamp / Web