Bamboo Shows 046 – Chlorys (Corp.)

Chlorys is a DJ & visual artist based in Bucharest. As a member of the queer night family of DJs & founder of the Bucharest-based Corp. platform. The resident on Noods Radio with her Alien Flora show emphasizes on a multi and interdisciplinary approach to music and is concerned about socio-political context. Incorporating a background in visual arts, she situates herself (or not) everywhere in-between or outside of the genre-formula, letting herself be seized by the limbo currents into undisclosed territories.

Through her Bamboo Shows, Chlorys created a throbbing transcription of her recent learnings in psychoanalysis and shadow concepts. Starting in exotic lands, full of weird sounds and dubby deconstructed rhythms, the mix slowly merges into a chaotic industrial scenery, where the frenetic tension eventually reaches a twisted climax before dying in folkloric melodies.




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