Bamboo Shows 066 – Catherine Danger

Let’s enter another weird year in the Bamboo zone with Catherine Danger. The Brussels-based producer and videographer tells us a story about deep America, the one that forgot – or refused – to climb on the 21st century’s bandwagon. Hidden from the web, hidden from our sight, yet forming a substantial part of the World’s greatest nation.
Fiends unwinding in remote junkyards, listening to some crackly tunes on rusty transistors, clinging to the good ol’ days, but was there even any? No job, no money, nothing to be diverted with, excepting the hits that warp both music and mind. A loop, day after day, in these desolated ratholes: the dope, the trip, the substance, the sleep. Merging folk with vaporous noise, jazz with psychedelic indus, pop standards with dark ambient. Replace life with a dazing void, leave your weary carnal envelope behind.

After creating in 2018 with Daya Hallé the audiovisual label 2files4free, but also contributing to several compilations in 2021 (Night On Earth, Night Drive, Krakzh, Vasteschoses), Catherine is now working on her first solo cassette for Simple Music Experience.




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